Wise Video Converter

Wise Video Converter 1.5

Flexible and straightforward re-encoding tool for all well-known video files

Among the countless varieties of video re-encoding tools, Wise Video Converter offers a good mixture of flexibility and usability at an unbeatable price. This free conversion tool includes batch conversion capabilities, a varied set of output profiles and video codecs, an intuitive interface for straightforward video conversions, and the possibility of converting each video file into a different codec in one single batch conversion task.

Designed to be easy to use for all types of users, Wise Video Converter can re-encode your favorite video files in three simple steps. To add video files to the conversion list, you can use the drag-and-drop technique or browse for files from within the application. To select the right format for your target device, the program offers you an interesting list of output profiles and formats, which can be further customized to fit your requirements. Besides, it is very important to note that Wise Video Converter – unlike most of its competitors – offers you the possibility of converting each of the files on the list into a different output format, if required. Alternatively, you can select MP3 as the final output format whenever you wish to extract the audio stream of any of the videos on the list. The third and final step is the conversion task itself, which usually produces the expected high-quality results in no time.

There isn’t much more to it than that – Wise Video Converter is free, simple, flexible, fast, and reliable, which is more than what many other video re-encoding tools – free or not – can boast of. If all you require is to transcode your video files in a straightforward and quick way, without all the complexity of professional video converters, Wise Video Converter is a sure bet.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Clear and attractive interface.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Allows you to assign a different output format to each video file on the list.
  • Wide choice of output profiles.
  • Support for most well-known formats.
  • Extracts audio to MP3 files.
  • Offers a portable version


  • No editing functionality.
  • Audio extraction produces MP3 files only
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